About Us

Finnova Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. was instituted with the vision to provide a better financial life to its customers. Using our unparalleled expertise, real-world experience, & meticulous analytical skills, we support corporate and MSME customers with quality and harmonious financial plan. We believe in taking care of client’s money so that their money can take care of them and we can build a strong long-lasting relationship.

About Us

Our Company

Finnova Advisory was established in 2011 with a single target to plan an effective and immune financial roadmap for its clients. With our long experience, we understood that most people don’t plan to fail, but they fail to plan. The reasons behind the failure can be many, including lack of knowledge. So we took that responsibility to map out a financial plan for our corporate and MSME customers with our deep knowledge and broad experience.

Once said by Suze Orman, “No one has ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.” We know the depth of these words and in effect, we focus on building a long-term relationship with our customers. It is beyond question that financial security is just not a matter of minutes or days; it’s a long-going game. For clients to stay longer with us, we bestow them unmatchable customer service.

At Finnova, we strive to turn our clients into business behemoths in their domain and mark this as our ultimate goal. Every business in the corporate world has a unique nature, culture, operations, and goals. We tailor the highly immune competitive strategies as per the client’s corporate structure and keep adapting those strategies whenever needed.

We hold proficiency in credit rating, balance sheet advisory, retail loan, corporate loan, virtual CFO, accounting, and taxation. With such a broad service portfolio, we endeavor to make our clients financially fit and celebrate our success when they attain their financial goals. We are elated to know that our clients respect and hold us in high regard for our strong business model and personalized financial services.

Our Key Members

Anil Kumar Agarwal

Anil is a Chartered Accountant, has over 14 years of experience in Banking Sector and Financial Advisory Services. As a founder entrepreneur, he has been instrumental in making FASPL one of the leading Financial Services players. He brings in rich experience in Loan Syndication, Designing Investment strategies for clients and financial risk management. He has worked with PwC and ICICI Bank Ltd in the field of corporate finance. He has been involved with arranging funds for different corporate from banks (PSU Banks, Private Banks and Cooperative Banks) and different financial institutions.

Rahul Nigam

Rahul is a B.E. Mechanical and MBA in Marketing & Finance with a proficiency of over 13 years of experience in the Rating and Banking Industry. He has worked with CRISIL for 7 years and 6 years with CARE Rating. His background & experience makes him uniquely qualified to shape the high-level direction of the company’s research endeavor as well as to lead the company as it executes its business plan.

Ayush Agarwal

Ayush, is a Chartered Accountant, holding over 6 years of experience in credit rating and corporate finance advisory. He has worked closely with all major credit rating agencies for various client assignments and has played a significant role in delivering our customers the best and tailored solution according to their needs. He also holds an NISM certification wrt Operations and Risk Management in the Indian securities market. He has been associated with FASPL since 2015 and currently holds the position of Vice President.

Shubham Agarwal

Shubham is an experienced and result-driven individual with over 8+ years of experience in retail finance and taxation. As for the educational background, he has completed his post-graduation degree in finance and taxation. He leverages finely-honed interpersonal skills to analyze information and prepare plans best suited to individual clients’ requirements. He has utilized his financial knowledge and skill set to instill client confidence and foster trusting relationships. Besides, he is a reliable and multi-skilled individual with a significant amount of experience working with the FASPL team.


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